About Us

The Community Group is your locally owned and operated Home Health, Hospice, & Personal Care Company for Acadiana. We are dedicated to providing your patients with exceptional care and services through every phase of life. From a home health plan of care through the transition to hospice at the end of life, we provide a complete continuum of care for patients and their families.

Founded in 1996, Community Home Health Care & Hospice Care is locally owned and operates in nine parishes throughout the Lafayette, LA area–providing the highest quality home health, hospice and personal care services. Our passion for helping others is at the core of our company- and is reflected in the compassionate care we provide to every patient and their families. Our core beliefs are service, integrity and compassion.

Many medical professionals who have chronically ill patients find it difficult to coordinate home health care and hospice care options for their patients. That’s where we can help you. Our goal is to deliver the best care for your patients – whether they need home-based care, hospice care or both. Our highly experienced and caring team is trained to ensure that your patients receive the highest quality care and the most pleasant healthcare experience possible through every stage of their lives. We bring home a complete continuum of care to your patients – while also lessening your workload so you can focus on other areas of your practice.